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Welcome to Amtronix

At Amtronix, we see it as our mission to bring the highest quality Audiology and Occupational Health products, training and support to industrial and medical practices.

It’s our belief that better patient care and complete patient satisfaction can be achieved through reliable testing and correct diagnosis.

Our screening, diagnostic and clinical equipment includes:

  • Booths
  • Audiometers
  • Tympanometers
  • Industrial testing
  • Newborn hearing screening
  • Otoacoustic emissions
  • Real ear measures
  • Speech mapping
  • Evoked potentials, including ABR, ASSR, VEMP, EcoG
  • Balance assessment

Our diagnostic and clinical equipment is used by health professionals worldwide for a variety of different uses. Over the past 30 years, we’ve gained a reputation for being the global leaders in supplying audiometric and Occupational Health equipment. Our passionate, professional and dedicated team are continually researching, developing and improving equipment for your medical practice. Here are the ways in which Amtronix is here to help you:

Industrial audiometry and Occupational Health equipment

Employee exposure to potentially hazardous noise levels occurs every day; even though noise induced hearing loss is a preventable problem. We design products specifically to help mining and industrial professionals comply with hearing conservation standards.

Audiology screening equipment

Both Occupational Health services and neo-natal departments benefit from accurate audio screening equipment. All our audio screening equipment is designed with performance and innovation at the forefront.

Diagnostic equipment

Our diagnostics technology can easily be tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring unrivalled performance. From installation to aftercare, our experienced team is on hand to help. Our range of diagnostics equipment is computer-based, successfully interfaces with NOAH and forms an integral part our Software platform.

Audiology testing and verification equipment

With the advancement of sophisticated and adaptive hearing aid technology, audiologists are becoming increasingly reliant on verification strategies that can accurately and efficiently assess all aspects of amplification.

Portable audiometry technology

Portable audiometry equipment makes Occupational Health and medical assessments far easier to conduct when time, space or patient requirements are such that you need light-weight and easy to manage equipment.

Balance assessment equipment

Test potential balance disorders in your patients in the safe and familiar setting of your office with our range of advanced balance testing technology. Our balance equipment will help you to quickly and dramatically improve their quality of life.

Evoked potentials technology

If you need assistance in the process of differential diagnosis, auditory and vestibular potentials will be a welcome addition to the diagnostic test battery.

Additional resources

If you need additional support for your equipment, please view our Frequently Asked Questions page. Remember that the information provided is specific to the context of the question asked.

For more information about our Occupational Health and Audiology equipment or training services, please contact us or call 0861 2687 6649.

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